Why do they call it the Emerald Isle?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mommy-son bonding.

A big part of our winter the last couple of years is spending time on the ski slopes. Zane's Aunt Mindy started him snowboarding last year, and this year since he is old enough for lessons (almost) and since Mindy is having baby #2 in a couple of weeks, Zane is in snow boarding lessons at Sundance. Dillon and Truxton are in lessons too. After they are finished with their lessons, Heather and I meet the boys on the mountain to spend the rest of the day skiing/boarding. It has been a lot of fun and it results in some serious mommy-son bonding time. The boys are doing well and loving it, so it's definitley been worth the effort, thanks to our hubbies for staying home and tending the girls and chubs.

Zane demo-ing "Christmas Lights" (we ARE going pretty fast here even though it doesn't appear so).


Hills said...

Hey I just made my blog private, but I still want everyone in our ward to still have access to it...if you'd like. So request to be added when you go to my blog next! Keepin' the crazies away! :)

Heather said...

Zane is doing awesome!! Great catch on the video. It turned out to be a beautiful day... Good times! What happened with the picture of all of us that the lady took?? Thanks for the pics, I've got to get my small camera fixed before next time. You're awesome.