Why do they call it the Emerald Isle?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome Padyn Rose!!

We have a new cousin! Lance's sister Caylee and her hubby Tyson brought Padyn Rose Richards into the world on March 5. She was a couple of weeks early so she's been in the hospital for a while. We are glad she is home now and healthy. I think you'll agree that she looks AMAZING. Congrats Caylee and Tyson. She was:

Born at 11:17 P.M.
In Logan, UT
7 lbs. 4 oz
20 inches long

Easter Fun.

My Grandma West (Grandma Beth to the kids) has been hosting our annual Easter party since myself, siblings, and cousins were kids. Now she is doing it for her great-grandchildren and it's still just as much fun. We start out with a hike to the falls from Kiwanis Park, then we barbeque and have a delish lunch then start the Easter egg hunt. It takes much of the day and the kids love it. Even Grandma and Grandpa Rose came to the big event.

Grandma Rose socializing at the kids table during lunch.

Grandma West and Lindsey hid the eggs and organized the hunt.

The baskets are full . . .

Starting the hike, Grandma and Grandpa Beth, G & G Rose and Zane.

Easter was too early for this cold snowy year, there was snow all the way up, here are Micah, Zane, Zoey, and we had to hold the picture until Brynn could strike her pose.

Zane, Brynn (with another beautiful pose), Ally, Zoey, Lindsey, Mikey, Brooklyn, Jeanette.

We made it to the falls!! The kids were freezing (of course Zane and Zoey are the only ones without coats, I thought it looked warm outside when we left).
Kids in the cave. It's fun to keep this tradition going after so many years. Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Special Birthday.

Today (March 21) is a birthday for two special people! We always celebrate double on this day and it was a big one for my Mom so we went all out! Mom, I can't believe you've lived uhhh years, you have aged very gracefully! I love you so much and I'm very thankful for all you've done for me - my appreciation is magnified immensly now that I am raising an oldest child, whew you must've had some patience. I have so many wonderful memories of you:

  • Patiently teaching me to cook, sew, play the piano, arrange dried flowers :)
  • Spending your summers in the blistering sun for the softball tourneys
  • Taking us to the beach, library, and park on our dedicated weekly outings
  • Cooking breakfast at the park while we played on the swings
  • Spending all those hours on the boat (while you HATED it) holding the orange flag
  • Teaching by example to love your family and serve selflessly

Those are just a few things that barely scratch the surface of my growing up memories. Most of all, I always felt that I had your full attention and support even though you had 5 of us in 9.5 years - how DID you do that? Here is my song for you, such a "Good Mother" - Thank you!

Me, and the kids at the birthday dinner (Market Street Grill) eating our delish choc cake from Magelby's.

Here are the birthday boy and girl at Market Street Grill for dinner. We had a fun day together with lunch and Mani - Pedi's before dinner.

The whole group at Market Street.

Surprisingly they do make quite a cute couple . . . :) (This is my bro Jeff and bro-in-law Kyle by the way) Two CEO's Jeff is a co-CEO I guess, Dyreng-West and Kyle of Kyco Services (surely you've heard of it by now).

About to open presents, one for Zoey, a few for Zane. He had a fun b-day for the big #7. Thursday we took a few friends to "Horton hears a Who" and to Smokehouse for pizza after. He loves being with his friends, of course I forgot my camera for this event. Friday morning before school he and I went to Kneaders for his favorite french toast - it was nice having the one on one time to start a busy day.

Zane with his MP3 player, snowboarding backpack (cuz you have to stay hydrated), dinosaur book and slime science kit with Shanny. She loaded all his fave songs on the player.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesdays with Grandma.

My Mom and Grandma are so amazing, every Tuesday my Mom has my kids and my sister Allyson's kids over for the day so we can do errands and work, etc. My Grandma comes down all the way from Salt Lake to help, and this just isn't a day of babysitting, oh no, they usually make a craft and do some baking while there. Sometimes they make cookies but each week they have made whole wheat bread and send us home with a fresh loaf. Occasionally my Mom even cooks up a batch of soup or lasagna or something and sends us each home with our dinner for the night. The kids all look forward to Tuesdays with their Grammas all week. I know, don't be jealous everyone, I have totally been blessed w/my Mommy and Gramma and this just scratches the surface of the ways in which they serve us. Thank you so much Mom and Gramma I love you guys (and not just because of this :).
Zoey, Carmindy, G-ma Great, Chubs, Micah, and G-ma West.
Carmindy LOVES to see baby Chaz, she smothers him with her love - she is giving him a hug here.
Here they are at their coloring table after Zane got home from school.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Satan George

I've tried to teach Zoey that it's "St. George" but she hasn't quite got it down.
We packed the car and had a road trip. We have to be creative since we chose the Tahoe without a DVD player so we would be forced to stimulate their "minds" (was that really a good decision?). They had fun in the car and Zoey took very good care of Chubs.

Zane and Zoey's cousin, Ivey, lives in St. George and she came over for swimming Friday afternoon while her mom got her hair done. We are on our way to swim in this picture, if you begin to wonder why all of these pictures are of us swimming that's simply because that's all we did, well ok only about 4 hours/day. We played water horse, sea horse, motor boat, sharks and minnows, tag, and Marco Polo in the pool. The kids practiced their strokes and they are doing very well, I think Zane can finally save himself if he's not too panicked.

Zoey, Ivey, Zane and Chubs (his first time ever swimming).

Zane, Zoey, and Ivey, after swimming.

Hey, look who we ran into, THE CARTERS! We forgot that they have a condo a few doors down from us. It was so much fun to see them, we swam together and the kids played. We had date night at Ruby River with Paul and Shauna, and Chuck and Sherese - thanks guys, it was fun to hang out in St. George.

Shauna and Chandler playing in the pool. Shauna was looking very svelt in her swimming suit.
Lance's sister Sherese and her hubby, Chuck.
Ivey, Zoey, Zane, Chubs on Sunday after Sherese's delicous ham dinner. We had a great time, it's fun to be together as a family and look forward to the next time.