Why do they call it the Emerald Isle?

Monday, June 30, 2008

Here's what we do in the summertime when all the world is green . . .

We don't fish in a stream, but we lazily dream in the yard as the clouds go by . . .
(Below: Jordan, Truxton, Austin, Zane, Chaz, Benson)
We swim in a pool (and a lake :) to keep ourselves cool . . .
(Above: Zane at lessons Below: Zoey, Brynnley, Zane)
We don't march in parades or drink lemonade, but we do ride in the boat and . . . .
(Above: Zane, Bryn, Zoey, Austin Below: Jeff, Grandpa West)

Drink Diet Coke!!! We also . . . play with our Aunt . . .

and water our plants . . . (I wanted to show my cute pots)
We also go to the carnival (Strawberry Days Ally, Carm, Chubs, Mikey, Zane, Zoey)

And play LOTS of baseball . . .

The winners are . . . THE CUBS! Jordan, Max, Trux, and Zane
That's all for my clever rhyming and cute little song, ha ha below are some extras and other fun things we like to do . . .
(Zoey, Bryn, and Marlee)
Zoey and Abbigail
We love to ride bikes . . .

And ride on Big Bertha! (Austin and Zane, Zoey and Bryn)
Oh, and of course water ski - sorry, not me, this is Jeff. I won't allow myself to be photo'ed water skiing until I lose a few more lb's but . . .
as a teaser, here's some of my spray and I have to say that after 3 babies and a 2 year break, and being middle aged I popped out of the water like a teenager! woo!
I just thought this was a cool pic of Jeff by moi with the sun on the H2O etc. Now I'm a photog.
Jeff was very good tonight.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Who's Watching?

So You Think You Can Dance . . .

I don't know how I would survive the summer heat if not for this, dubbed "The Best Reality Show Ever Invented" by Moi of course. This season has already been amazing, if you are not watching on Wed and Thurs nights then I'll catch you up with some highlights:

Here is Kourtni Lind my fave dancer. Not because she resembles Uma Thurman (although that is cool) but because she's so cool, awesome style, amazing dancer and she's 5'9" I LOVE watching tall dancers. It's tough to get control of a body that big but once they do it is the most beautiful thing. Plus her partner is from Salt Lake. I've been rooting for her since her first audition in Milwakee and just read her bio she's so artistic and sweet.

Here she is at work (sorry the quality on these pics sucks)
I also love Twitchington! They are presh - love the fake glasses and their Celine number was a season highlight for sure.
This was my fave couples dance so far. Untouched by The Veronicas is the song (coming up on my SYTYCD playlist) the judges totally panned it, I think it was artistically over their heads because the concept was incredible. Thayne makes a perfect King Louis with his femmy shortness - costumes and make-up were fierce! The more I watch it the more I realize the complexity of the movement including the juxtaposition of the old 16th century moves with the modern music and moves. Mandy Moore is my ab fave since last season's "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This."

And to Wade Robson "Ya did me proud Mister" with the first group number incidentally the best group number this show has seen in four seasons! I have always loved Robyn but set to Wade's "ridiculous" choreography her Cobra took on a whole new Style.

I didn't get her pic but I'm also rooting for Chelsea Hightower of course since she's from P.G. Now here is my challenge. SYTYCD is looking for "happy dances" so am I . . . I will post mine before the season ends who else is up for it? If you post your happy dance on your blog, leave me a comment then myself and my small panel of judges will decide a winner, the prize being a SYTYCD related item. Go For It!

PS - What has gotten into Mia Michaels, raunchy angry chick! She has fallen off my "hot tamale train".