Why do they call it the Emerald Isle?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chubs is six months old!

On Sunday, February 24, Chaz had his big 6 month birthday. (warning, this post could get a little mushy . . .) It has been a wonderful 6 months. The first months are usually not my favorite with a new baby, and his haven't been completley without difficulty, but truly our time with him has brought our family so much joy. We all love this boy so much it's amazing, he has brought a light and pure love to our family that we have never had before. He is happy and smiling about 97% of the time. At the end of the day, my cheeks often hurt for smiling back at him all day. He is happy and talking in his crib from the moment he wakes up in the morning. We feel so blessed to have this sweet baby in our home and we are excited to watch him grow and see the person he will become. WE LOVE YOU BABY CHAZ!!

Thanks for that beautiful lipstick shanny!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mommy-son bonding.

A big part of our winter the last couple of years is spending time on the ski slopes. Zane's Aunt Mindy started him snowboarding last year, and this year since he is old enough for lessons (almost) and since Mindy is having baby #2 in a couple of weeks, Zane is in snow boarding lessons at Sundance. Dillon and Truxton are in lessons too. After they are finished with their lessons, Heather and I meet the boys on the mountain to spend the rest of the day skiing/boarding. It has been a lot of fun and it results in some serious mommy-son bonding time. The boys are doing well and loving it, so it's definitley been worth the effort, thanks to our hubbies for staying home and tending the girls and chubs.

Zane demo-ing "Christmas Lights" (we ARE going pretty fast here even though it doesn't appear so).

A good snow day!

Zane on his board.

Dillion and Zane on top of Arrowhead. They are in full gear because it was cold and snowing up here while it was warm and slushy at the base. It was our best run of the day even with the cold.

Dillion, Heather, Truxton.

Zane and me at lunch, one of the funnest parts of the day for sure.
Heather, Trucky, Dilly, Bones (eating a chocodile).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I like Valentines Day because it always means a fun night out on the town and a good meal (I can usually talk Lance into something expensive on V-day). We had a fun one this year. We started the day with pink, heart pancakes . . .

Then we heart attacked all the bedroom doors for each other with love messages . . .

Then the kids had a treasure hunt to find their V-Day gifts (here they are on their marks to start) . . .

Zoey got "Troy" slippers and a mini cabbage patch doll and Zane got Heelys . . .

And here's my Valentine, Chubs, and my main Valentine, Lance. We had a terrific night out at Tucano's, thanks Lance. My 5 favorite things about my main Valentine: he LOVES me, he makes me laugh everyday (but honestly Lance, the back-hair jokes are getting old), he works so hard to provide a wonderful life for us, he is really an amazing dad, we just have great times together. Basically we were made for each other, no one else could stand to live with either one of us!! Ha Ha. Love ya Babe! Now I have to go cuz it's time for some REAL adult time, HAPPY V.D. EVERYONE!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The beautiful place in which we live.

So it was girls day out on the slopes, it is so nice to go once in a while without kids! Fun as they are, they can really slow you down, today was nothing but a black diamond extreme skiing kind of day (ok so after having lots of babies between us maybe not so extreme). I had to bring my camera today because Saturday the views were unbelievable at Sundance and I really wanted to capture the beauty from up there on this warm(ish), clear day. I was skiing with Cheryl, Linda, Lisa, & Mayleen - thanks girls it was great! This picture was taken from the top of Arrowhead.

Cheryl and I on Arrowhead.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

We've had a makeover!!!

Props to Vanessa (this is WHY she is Queen) and snaps to Shanny (she's long since been a compu-allstar) for my new beautiful blog. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, you guys are awesome, visit their blogs if you want to see more of their creativity at work. FYI if you can't tell, I've always been sort of a "MORE is MORE" kind of person.

As a side note, tonight Chaz was chewing on my finger (yes of course I had just washed my hands) and I yelled out in pain because he nearly drew blood with his new TOOTH! Yea Chubs, you're on your way to being able to enjoy the finer things in life, FOOD! I kind of thought he might be teething, see what an angel he is, even that doesn't alter his disposition in the slightest.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Ok, so we went to Mika (despite my initial hesitations) and it was a fab concert. We had to venture into the dodgey end of SLC to "In the Venue" (DO NOT try to use the restroom there) and get over the abundant guy on guy action and then it was super fun. It's always a major effort to get out on the town like that but it's worth it and I'm glad I went - Mika is glad too cuz now he has a cool new fan (that's me). Stay tuned to hear a couple of his songs I espesh love any other world, it's a mini tribute!

Here he is in person, electric blue jeans and all, really a very charismatic performer.

Lindsey, Me, and Shannon Rockin!

Lindsey, me, Natalie, Shelly - enough pictures already! If you want more go here: http://www.mikasounds.com/us/

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Zoey is determined to have a sister . . . For the past three days she has been dressing up Chubs in her bows and clothes and calling him Lola. She gets mad if I call him "Him", "it's her mom!" she says. She said he is now her sister but I told her this is THE last day we are doing this, I don't need a son with gender identity issues (even if he does make a pretty little girl).

Zoey and her sis.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our Fab Snow Trip to Island Park

We had such a fun trip to Island Park, Idaho with McSpaddens, Millers, and Bishops. The snow was SO beautiful and the sledding was exhilarating. Thanks for putting up with us (espesh Lance's signature smell) we love you guys and are looking forward to making this a tradition.

Darin and Heather, you guys planned a GREAT trip! The snow, company, food, games, cabin, and conversation were awesome, we love you guys thanks for including us!

Nothin' hotter than a man and his snow machine! Lance and Chris are gearing up for our big debut on the snow in Island Park.

Chris and Lisa, thanks for putting up with us (espesh my coughing and Lance's OCD with the lap-top) all the way up and back, you guys are awesome friends we love you! Lisa you look great in the head sock too.

"The Perfect Couple" (and you know you are) Kim and Jason, thanks for the fun trip, we love you guys! Sorry for cutting off your head J.

Lance loves getting his picture taken as much as I do.

Lance was getting a little wild on his sled, but it's not too hard to get stuck when there's like 10 feet of powder.

Wow, I think this is one of my better looks in head to toe gear. Lisa, Me, Kim.

How good does he look on the Artic Cat?! (It is Lance under there)

Look at the beauty of this place, and the unbelievable amount of snow.

This was an incredibly gorgeous day, look at the sky.

Here are the beautiful people in the hot tub. It was beautiful and steamy in the middle of the snow like this.

Here's everybody at the cabin at chow time, and boy did we CHOW.

My Baby's B-day

Here's my birthday princess!

Zoey is 5!! Wow, where did those years go and now she'll be headed to school, what will I do without her? (ok, prob go shopping and take a nap so it won't be THAT difficult an adjustment) We went to her fav restaurant (Chilli's) for lunch so she could have Mac & Cheese, here she is w/Shanny.

This girl is quite an artisit, so in leiu of a friend party we spent the afternoon at Color Me Mine and had a fab time!

We finished off the day at The Pizza Factory for a family party, here is the princess with her High School Musical cake and her cousin Micah.

Here are Zane, Zoey, and their cute cousin Crew. Look at those cheeks! They love him and get so excited to see him cuz he lives in Fielding, UT (a suburb of Tremonton, you must've heard of it?!)