Why do they call it the Emerald Isle?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I interupt this blogging hiatus for a moment on my soap box . . .

I stopped blogging because (as I have already told most people that read my blog) basically I determined that there are only so many hours in a day and I'd rather spend them watching T.V. than blogging. I just wasn't getting enough couch potato time and I thought I'd give you all a break from having to see/read about all of our "happy family" activities and my perfect, beautiful children. I made a goal to watch all of the Law and Order re-runs (the original and the spin offs) until I have them memorized, and I could clearly see I would never reach this goal unless I gave something up.

Anyhow, now I have something important to say so I took a break from my blogging break. I am obsessed w/ what some may call "tacky" home decor. I personally think it's beautiful. I think the most tastefully decorated restaurant I've ever been to is Buca di Beppo (don't get me started about their restrooms). My biggest obsession within this genre is silk flowers. I mean how do you bring greenery and life to a home filled with light blue eyed, frequent migraine suffering, sun sensitive people? Silks! I love love love them.

No amount of Oprah's little pet Nate Berkus telling the world not to use silk flowers when you can go into nature and get beautiful live ones etc. etc. can sway me. Guess what Nate, real flowers are dead in a week then what? I think silks are so much more beautiful and they don't require annoying things like sun and water and tending. So, here you go, my obsession in all of its' glory, read 'em and weep Nate:

These (above) aren't really flowers, just some sticks that I spray painted gold.

Naturally we have to have PLENTY of roses.

Love the fake ivy growing down the shelf above my kitchen sink.

Check out this fake plant, I even put in some fake peacocks for a "pop of color".

That's all for now, I will prob post one more time to feature my latest home decor projects before I break for some more Law and Order - Benson and Stabler for Pres!!