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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Movie Mavens

Have you ever wanted to see a certain movie and said to yourself "I wonder what Hillary thinks of this movie?" Well then, GOOD NEWS, http://movie-mavens.blogspot.com/ is here for you. For a while now, my sister and I and our friend Christy have been reviewing movies on our Movie Mavens blog (this picture is an artistic cartoon rendering of the three of us). Feel free to visit if you want to hear more of my opinions or if you want to wisely invest your $8.25 on movies you will enjoy. Keep reading and scrolling down for my most recent review, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day . . .

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Movie Review

hmmmm it appears I liked this movie so much more than Shannon. This is the best new movie I have seen in 2008. The storyline is fresh and the writing has the perfect balance of corny humor and genuine emotion. I love Amy Adams, she reprises her roll as Giselle in Enchanted in many ways but it's perfect for DeLyssia Lafosse! Just her character's name cracks me up. The leading men were adorable and loveable, and the sets were fabulously 1930's. Francis McDormand was amazing; normally her rolls don't excite me because she plays harsh characters but here she is warm and sad.
Miss Pettigrew has a sweet surface story but it moved me with a reminder of the plight of unmarried and destitute women prior to the women's movement. DeLyssia LaFosse had no choice, if she wanted to progress in her career, she was forced to use her sexuality. Miss Pettigrew didn't have that option so she became homeless. As much as I dislike Gloria Steinem, and I believe the women's movement had some negative effects on families and society, I can't deny the gratitude I feel for her and the choices her efforts have given modern women.
Miss Pettigrew gives us a typical fairy tale ending, but it was handled in a believable way and it was quite satisfying.

A bit of Shopping on the Border City of Shenzen, China

Today's Meals

Yes, that is a cooked chicken head.

Hong Kong UPS

Today I spend the day at the largest logistical center in the World. It is very nice to have a new audience (1.4 billion Chinese people) that I can talk about Fo Da' UPS.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fo Da Qweezy Tummy

Yes, we are in China. Oh yea, just kidding-since I decided to have a baby a few months ago I get to sit all of these exciting cultural experiences out. LANCE is in China, he has never even wanted to go there. I HAVE, ever since I saw the Ming Dynasty exhibit at BYU like 7 years ago, but of course he is the one that gets to go. The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, the modern Shanghai skyline, the SHOPPING in Hong Kong, people camping out in yurts and eating raw potatoes, (oh wait that's Mongolia I hope to NEVER go there) I will get to you one day even if you are Red and abusive to human's rights . . . Ok, I just need to look at "my favorite time of the day" post and I will feel better :).

Look's like he's a little bit obsessed with the food over there; he hasn't eaten a bite of it (let's put it into perspective, he doesn't even like P.F. Chang's) except the night they went to Ruth's Chris. Anyway, he is sending us a few pics; the temple does look very cool.
That was what was for dinner.....

Fo Da' Olympics

Fo Da' Food

Fo Da Skyline

Fo Da' Hong Kong Temple and Hong Kong Skyline

I have tapped into Hillary's blog account. He is the temple in HKG.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Babybliss for everyone!

If you've seen Jeanette's blog lately, you know the girls went over to my sister Allyson's for a photo shoot of her product line Babybliss Accessories. She has been making accessories for young and old and selling them at boutiques for a while. She has just created her web site so we can now make ourselves more beautiful from the convenience of our own home! These are just of few of her beautiful things, most of the hats you've seen me and Zoey wear with flowers, etc come from her also. I love these pics because the kids look adorable (above are Micah, Allyson's boy, Brynn, Zoey, and Brooklyn); so enjoy the pics or check her out at http://www.babyblissaccessories.com/

Look at him! Have I mentioned that I adore this blue-eyed chubby boy?

This is my sister, Lindsey, see they are cute for big girls too.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Makeover Time!



Heather made the mistake of asking me about make-up, it's kind of like asking Lance about UPS or Shannon about Stamps. So we did some damage at the MAC counter and it was worth every penny, don't you think? She let me have free reign on her face to do as I pleased, it's not too difficult to work some magic when you start with such a beautiful canvas.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My favorite time of the day.

I feed Chubs every night right before I go to bed between 12am and 1am. After he eats a full bottle in about 5 seconds, he wiggles his face into my neck and we snuggle cheek to cheek for up to 30 minutes like that. This is one reason I don't get enough sleep, I can't put him back to bed. He is so warm and soft and I can feel his breath on my neck and I think it's my favorite baby moment ever! Everyone comment, WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TIME OF DAY? (PS it doesn't have to be about kids, usually mine would be when I get the kids to bed!)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gunner's here too!

Gunner Wade Dupaix was born on April 1 (no joke) to Lance's sister Mindy and her hub Chuck in SLC. We are so happy he is here, what can I say, we are a bunch of baby makers in the Rose family. Gunner is grandchild number 9, there are four children in Lance's fam, and Zane is the oldest (he just turned 7). So, things are busy when we get together with all of these little ones, but when these kids get a little bit older, family reunions will be a Partay! Gunner is still in the hospital working out the kinks so we are keeping him in our prayers. Here are his stats:

Born April 1, 2008 5:20 a.m.
Weight: 7 lbs 1 oz
Height: 21.5 inches

Friday, April 4, 2008


What can I say, I grew up in the 80's . . . I LOVE MADONNA. Despite my Mother's complete disgust and forbidding us to listen to her - she is a true fave. I can't beleive she is still putting out AMAZING music , isn't she like 70 now? Plus she looks and moves great for 70 :). Can't wait till April 29.