Why do they call it the Emerald Isle?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Road trip to "Disturbia" . . . and we had SO much fun.

Disturbia because:
#1- it was all VERY rural and you could go crazy there (we're talkin' two states away from a decent mall),
#2- I thought I would completley lose it being away from my Chugbug for a whole week (thanks g-ma's for taking such good care of him)
#3- it was 11 hours in the car with two kids fighting like cats and dogs. Ok they were actually really great on the road, but even the best of them can rattle the nerves.

Here I am crossing into state #46, only 4 more left.

We started the trip Monday night at Martin's Cove. We had our own private FHE there and we watched the movie they had about the rescue. It really was amazing and spiritual, even for the kids.
After the long drive, these three let loose at dinner. Lance was getting a lot of pit dogs.

We ate at Sanford's in Casper, WY it was a fun restaurant.
Our first night in Rapid City, SD; we mini golfed at Pirate's Cove. FABULOSO weather and fun to relax together.

This is the Crazy Horse monument. Upon completion it will be the largest monument in the world. At the rate they're going, we won't see it finished in our lifetime, but they are determined to get it done someday. So far it's just a face and they've worked for 50 years. Mount Rushmore can fit on Crazy Horse's cheek.
Here's what he'll look like when completed, sans Zane and Zoey standing on him.
The big event, here it is . . .
I've heard it's smaller than you think, but wow I didn't expect this:
Oh, ok here's the real deal (my fave pic of the whole trip):
On the way in with the 50 state flags.

Mt. Rushmore was magnificent. After the monument day, we lightened mood for the kids at Bear World.

(Bear cub in the tree behind the kids)

This was the water slide at our hotel. Needless to say we spent a lot of time with it - they loved it!

Now for some random shots . . . This is one of my cherished beauties (by Orla Kiely) oh, and Zoey looks pretty cute here too.
A Jackalope.
Once again I am getting friendly with the wild animals.

A real life, old fashioned phone booth with a working pay phone.
We picked up a friend along the way so that we "never have to roam alone" (someday I'll have to use him to get Lance out of the house, anyone seen Amelie? I crack myself up . . . :)
He's from Wall, SD; Wall Drug, the largest store in the USA (fur real)
He really liked the wildlife at Cabella's.
And he even went to Reptile Gardens with us.

Thanks for having the great idea for this trip, Lance. It really was one of our funnest; the kids liked it better than Disneyland. It's about the same distance as Callifornia is, and I can pretty much guarantee you'll spend less money; (gas in Wy was only $3.58/gallon for one thing) so I highly recommend Rapid City, SD if you're looking for a fun family destination.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mamma Mia Sing-a-long

Hey-ho Mamma Mia fans. I just saw it again tonight and I definitley liked it better the second time. If you want my official review, go to http://www.movie-mavens.blogspot.com/ (after Sunday). Anyway, what do you want to do when you hear an ABBA song? Me too! (sing that is) So we are planning a group sing-a-long viewing (safety in numbers when you are doing something like this). Buy the soundtrack so you can prepare to rock the house yo, and join us Saturday, August 23 in the later afternoon for an unforgettable event! Details to follow . . .